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  • Fishing in Hawaii, Matson Lines Menu Cover, 1920s
  • Fishing in Hawaii Matson Lines Cocktail Menu, 1920s
  • Royal Hawaiian Opening Night, Matson Lines Menu Cover, February 1, 1927
  • Royal Hawaiian Opening Night Menu, Matson Lines, February 1, 1927
  • Hawaiian Night, Tropical Pink, Matson Lines Menu Cover, 1947
  • Moana Hotel Luggage Tag Surfer, Gold
  • Moana Hotel Luggage Tag Surfer, Turquoise
  • Royal Hawaiian Hotel Luggage Tag, Blue
  • Royal Hawaiian Hotel Luggage Tag, Pink
  • Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Waikiki Photograph, 1927
  • Porte Cochere, Royal Hawaiian, Matson Lines Photograph, Early 1930s
  • Silver Surf of Waikiki, Photograph 1935
  • Emma Claudina, 1882
  • Sunbathing At Sea, Matson Lines Photograph, 1951
  • S.S. Matsonia Deck Plan, 1926
  • S.S. Matsonia Cabin Plan, 1928
  • S.S. Matsonia Captain at Bridge, Late 1920s
  • S.S. Malolo Maiden Voyage, Matson Lines, 1927
  • S.S Mariposa Boat Day Arrival, Matson Lines Photograph, 1950s
  • S.S. Mariposa Arrival Aloha Tower, Matson Lines Photograph, 1950s
  • Steamship Matsonia, Postcard 1914
  • S.S. Matsonia, Postcard 1914
  • Aloha, February 1921, Matson Lines Magazine Cover
  • Aloha, May 1926, Matson Lines Menu Cover
  • Aloha, November 1926, Matson Lines Magazine Cover

About Matson Vintage Art

For half a century, the Matson Lines fleet, S.S. LurlineMalolo, Matsonia, Monterey, and Mariposa sailed the Pacific between the U.S. West Coast and Hawaii and the South Pacific. The epitome of style and luxury in their day, the Matson Lines fleet of passenger ships ushered in the dawn of tourism in the Pacific, carrying thousands of travelers to the islands with the spirit of aloha.

Like a portal to the past, Matson Vintage Art offers access to an exclusive collection of carefully restored images from the golden age of Hawaii and Pacific travel. This exclusive collection from the Matson Navigation Company Archives consists of advertisements, photographs and fine art the company used to promote travel from the 1920s through the early 1970s. 

Our high-quality prints give you an opportunity to travel back in time and collect a part of history.

Whatever your interest, décor or inspiration, there's a classic piece here for you!