Collection: Matson Ships

Images of luxurious passenger liners to Hawaii made up the Matson Lines fleet (Lurline, Malolo, Monterey, Matsonia, Mariposa) which were featured prominently in Hawaii travel ads and historic photographs. These vintage ship prints are a great addition to any art collection or nautical decor.
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  • S.S. Lurline Arrival Honolulu, Matson Lines Photograph, 1950s
  • Saga of the Lurline, Matson Lines
  • S.S. Lurline Outrigger Greeting, Matson Lines Brochure Cover, 1938
  • New Cruise Ships to the South Pacific, Matson Lines Advertisement, 1948
  • S.S. Lurline Launch, Matson Lines Photograph, 1932
  • Trail Without End, Matson Lines Advertisement, 1946
  • Hilo Hattie Matsonia, Matson Lines Photograph, late 1940s
  • Lurline in New York City, Matson Lines Photograph
  • S.S. Lurline of the Pacific, Length 632 Feet
  • Lurline of the Pacific, Matson Lines
  • Two Names That Are As One, Matson Lines Advertisement, 1945
  • Lei Toss, Matson Lines Advertisement, 1936
  • Stateroom Baggage Tag, Matson Lines, 1930s
  • First Lurline, 1887
  • Emma Claudina, 1882
  • S.S. Matsonia, Postcard, 1914