Collection: Original photographs from Matson Navigation Company

Vintage photographs by well-known photographers of the time, ranging from classic celebrity images to the iconic Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Matson Lines cruise ships sailed to Hawaii and the South Pacific with passengers from Hollywood’s Golden Age from notable photographers such as Anton Bruehl, John Florea, and Edward Steichen.
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  • S.S. Lurline Passengers Wave, Matson Lines Photograph, 1950s
  • S.S. Lurline, Matson Lines
  • S.S. Mariposa Arrival Aloha Tower, Matson Lines Photograph, 1950s
  • Shirley Temple Aloha Tower Arrival, Matson Lines Photograph, 1937
  • Silver Surf of Waikiki, Matson Lines Photograph, 1935
  • Sunbathers, S.S. Lurline, Matson Lines Photograph, 1950s
  • Sunbathing At Sea, Matson Lines Photograph, 1951
  • Surfboard Water Polo, The Royal Hawaiian, Late 1930's
  • The New S.S. Lurline, 1947
  • The Royal Hawaiian Musicians, Matson Lines Photograph, late 1940s
  • Waikiki Beachboys at The Royal Hawaiian, 1930s
  • Waikiki Women Life Savers & David Kahanamoku, Photograph, 1920s