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The best of Hawaii vintage art prints originally created for Matson Lines cruise ships and Waikiki Beach hotels featuring artists and photographers Eugene Savage, Frank McIntosh, Ruth Sigrid Grafstrom, John Kelly, Edward Steichen, Anton Bruehl, and more.
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  • Sunbathing At Sea, Matson Lines Photograph, 1951
  • Surf, Matson Lines Souvenir Passenger List, 1932
  • Surfer, Matson Lines Hawaii Travel Poster, 1950s
  • Tahiti, Matson Lines Menu Cover, 1960
  • The Lands Beyond, Matson Lines Advertisement, 1946
  • The Royal Hawaiian Musicians, Matson Lines Photograph, late 1940s
  • Toward A Richer Tomorrow, Matson Lines Advertisement, 1946
  • Trail Without End, Matson Lines Advertisement, 1946
  • Tropical Fruit Platter, Matson Lines Hawaii Travel Poster, 1950s
  • Tropical Fruit Platter, Matson Lines Menu Cover, 1930s
  • Two Names That Are As One, Matson Lines Advertisement, 1945
  • Westward Reach, Matson Lines Advertisement, 1944
  • Wines List, Matson Lines Menu Cover, 1940s
  • Your Ticket, Matson Lines, 1930s