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The best of Hawaii vintage art prints originally created for Matson Lines cruise ships and Waikiki Beach hotels featuring artists and photographers Eugene Savage, Frank McIntosh, Ruth Sigrid Grafstrom, John Kelly, Edward Steichen, Anton Bruehl, and more.
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  • Duke Kahanamoku Mid-Pacific Carnival 1914
  • Duke Kahanamoku, Waikiki
  • E-Gift Card
  • Emma Claudina, 1882
  • Evening on the Lurline, Matson Lines Advertisement, 1948
  • Festival of the Sea, Matson Lines Menu Cover, 1937
  • Fiji, Matson Lines Menu Cover, 1960
  • First Lurline, 1887
  • Fisher Man, Hawaii, Matson Lines, Menu Cover, 1947
  • Fishing in Hawaii, Matson Lines Cocktail Menu, 1930s
  • Fishing in Hawaii, Matson Lines Menu Cover, 1930s
  • Fun In Hawaii, Matson Lines Advertisement, 1941
  • Globe South Pacific, Matson Lines Passenger List, 1968
  • Happy in Hawaii, Matson Lines Advertisement, 1937
  • Harry Owens & Royal Hawaiian Hotel Orchestra, Matson Lines Photograph, 1930s
  • Hawaii Hears a New Aloha, Matson Lines Advertisement, 1957